Tsuyo Kosu Advanced (Gantz)

Tsuyo Kosu Advanced primehentai


-by Pierre Yoshio

-16 pages, English translated

-13.73 MB






“Starting today, you are going to be my boyfriend… You are going to take responsibility for doing something like that to another person.”

When you hear this from the girl that you just banged several times, then you either did really good, or you screwed up – all depending what your actual goal with this girl was ^^

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Milk Teacher Chapter 1-7

Milk Teacher Chapter 1-7 primehentai


-by Tatsunami Youtoku

-130 pages, English translated

-76.21 MB






This woman really doesn’t know what she wants. First she has an affair, then she has sex with the brother of her love affair. The only guy we didn’t see fuck her, was her husband lol.

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Hyperballad [Sameda Koban]

Hyperballad [Sameda Koban] primehentai


-by Sameda Koban

-16 pages, English translated

-9.35 MB






“She was even a fast learner when it came to sex, and it didn’t take long for us to enter this kind of relationship. Sensei… rub it harder. It feels sooo good!”

Mika isn’t just very smart, but she is also very interested in her Sensei and she will grant him every wish he has.

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