Milk Teacher Chapter 1-7

Milk Teacher Chapter 1-7 primehentai


-by Tatsunami Youtoku

-130 pages, English translated

-76.21 MB






This woman really doesn’t know what she wants. First she has an affair, then she has sex with the brother of her love affair. The only guy we didn’t see fuck her, was her husband lol.

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Hyperballad [Sameda Koban]

Hyperballad [Sameda Koban] primehentai


-by Sameda Koban

-16 pages, English translated

-9.35 MB






“She was even a fast learner when it came to sex, and it didn’t take long for us to enter this kind of relationship. Sensei… rub it harder. It feels sooo good!”

Mika isn’t just very smart, but she is also very interested in her Sensei and she will grant him every wish he has.

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Namu-PaiPai (Touhou Project)

Namu-PaiPai (Touhou Project) primehentai


-by Ouma Tokiichi

-17 pages, English translated

-28.38 MB






“Well then, I’m going to give you my service. If you are okay with my body, then do as you please. Ohh..!! Hijiri-sama’s bare breasts! Hijiri-sama’s breasts are so tasty. You are sucking on them like a baby…”

I want to suck on Byakuren Hijiri’s tits as well :D

Side Note: The previous resolution was really big so I had to shorten it. The text might be harder to read, but the quality of the pictures are the same. However, if you want the full resolution then I would recommend you to download the file.

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Onee-sama Likes Anal

Onee-sama Likes Anal primehentai


-by Abe Morioka

-28 pages, English translated

-18.11 MB






You know how biker chicks are. They are very aggressive and they are also mannish woman. What do you think such a woman would do to a young chubby man who still lives with his mom? She will try to dominate him, but her ill luck was that this dude found her weak spot.

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