No updates today!

Yesterday I have eaten some weird mushrooms and since then I have heavy diarrhea …

By now I can imagine how female pornstars feels after an anal interracial session lol

For those who still didn’t understand I have found a manga that maybe would explain it better (Aiki S)

No updates today

Sorry guys, but no updates today. Why? Hmm let me explain it like this. You know when you drink your morning coffee and read newspaper outside and then you suddenly look at your right point finger and he is swollen double as much as he used to be. Well that’s when you know that something has sting you.

It’s less swollen by now, but it still hurts while writing. I hope it gets better until tomorrow.

Here is what happened my dear hentai friends

I totally screwed up today and while trying to fix one thing I managed to DELETE my WordPress datebase 🙁

Thanks to my excellent hosting service it was fixed very fast, yet they only had the backup from yesterday so I will re-post today’s posts asap.

Thanks for your understanding.

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