Milk Teacher Chapter 1-7

Milk Teacher Chapter 1-7 primehentai


-by Tatsunami Youtoku

-130 pages, English translated

-76.21 MB






This woman really doesn’t know what she wants. First she has an affair, then she has sex with the brother of her love affair. The only guy we didn’t see fuck her, was her husband lol.

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Twin Milf Chapter 1-2

Twin Milf Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Tatsunami Youtoku

-36 pages, English translated

-24.50 MB






Let me say a little bit about the artist here. Tatsunami Youtoku has “specialized” himself drawing busty ladies, very often MILF’s (mother I’d like to fuck). Let me also say that he is a genius in this field, what you pretty much can see for yourself.

Alright, instead of listening to my doxology – rather read this hot hentai manga.

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Mitsu no Getsu Chapter 1

Mitsu no Getsu Chapter 1 primehentai


-by Hiryuu Ran

-18 pages, English translated

-20.34 MB






What a mother won’t do to cover the shame of her daughter. Maybe she saw a little “bonus” for herself here as well, but that’s a matter that could be discussed about.

What is more important is that this MILF even thought she has an adult daughter looks herself young enough to take her place as a bride on her daughters honeymoon. And here we are back at the bonus talk :P

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The Shimoedas, a poor but happy circle Chapter 1-4

The Shimoedas, a poor but happy circle Chapter 1-4 primehentai


-by Miyahara Ayumu

-87 pages, English translated

-63.72 MB






Before you marry a girl you want to meet her parents and family. Mio’s family is a little bit different than the one you would usually expect. Her sister and her mother are both smoking hot and they seem to be a very open minded family. For example her sister just jumps in naked into the bath while Mio and her future husband are naked right there. This hentai series is promising to be a lot of fun :)

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Koibito Koukan – Lover Exchange 1-4

Koibito Koukan - Lover Exchange 1-4 primehentai


-by Fujio Okamoto

-78 pages, English translated

-47.95 MB






I really haven’t seen any translated doujinshi from this author for a long time. However, this one was definitely worth translating (I hope the other chapters will be translated soon too). What can you expect from this hentai manga? Well you will see many beautiful girls getting laid on the beach, at their home and so on. Swinging is definitely allowed in this free hentai. :D

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