Summer Juice Chapter 1-2

Summer Juice Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Sena Youtarou

-40 pages, English translated

-25.04 MB






It’s summer and people are sweating like crazy so what do you do? Drink water? Go swimming? Or you just have sex and dehydrate even more. Yet, I’m sure this hot MILF had her fun and there is even more to come (no not that “come” lol).

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Payback Chapter 1-2

Payback Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Uruujima Call

-36 pages, English translated

-20.57 MB






Well it’s not the smartest idea to convince your girlfriend to do swapping when you are not the best lover. It’s also not hard to guess that if the other guy has a bigger dick + stamina your chick will gladly spread her legs for him.

Side Note: What do you think why smart girls never tell their friends how awesome her boyfriend is in bed;)

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Sis Ero Chapter 1-3

Sis Ero Chapter 1-3 primehentai


-by Kotobuki Kazuki

-52 pages, English translated

-34.02 MB






“Oni-chan don’t stare so much. It’s embarrassing. Oh… sure. Is there something strange about me? Are my boobs too big? No, you are really pretty and I like a big rack.”

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The Best Time for Sex is Now

The Best Time for Sex is Now primehentai


-by Ishigami Kazui

-27 pages, English translated

-18.73 MB






“I feel… kinda ashamed… why should you, you are so pretty Yukiho! Deep in my chest, it’s getting so tight… I just can’t wait any longer!”

Well, I can’t wait any longer either. Take off your panties!

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Milky Bitch Chapter 1-4

Milky Bitch Chapter 1-4 primehentai


-by Combat Ecchu

-32 pages, English translated

-14.91 MB






Four hentai stories packed with horny bitches who can’t wait for a big dick. Nothing new for a hentai manga, but the individual plot is still written nicely. I hope that more chapters will be translated soon.

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Madam Palace Chapter 1-2

Madam Palace Chapter 1-2


-by Takasugi Kou

-38 pages, English translated

-26.30 MB






When Takasugi Kou draws MILFs in a hentai (I doubt he draws anything else…) then only top class bitches. No matter if you like “woman at the right age”, Takasugi’s MILFs are a must for anyone. I hope I can add new chapters soon, but that is something where I have no influence.

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Natsu Jiru Chapter 1

Natsu Jiru Chapter 1 primehentai


-by Sena Youtarou

-20 pages, English translated

-14.37 MB






It’s a hot summer day and this good looking milf was “caught in the heat”. Like many woman in her age, she had no chance resisting a young man’s charm. Part 1 ends with some open questions. Let’s wait for the second chapter.

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