Compensation of Service [Saitom]

Compensation of Service [Saitom] prime hentai


-by Saitom

-16 pages, English translated

-9.21 MB







Well it has been some time since I posted the last NTR hentai. But today I for sure will make all the netorare fetish lovers happy. Here is what this hentai story is about. Two sisters who had been homeless were adopted by this wealthy man who they now call master. These two currently work for him as maids and one of the sisters has fallen in love with the son of the master.

However, he of course can not allow his son to be together with Riko. The future wife of Masataka needs to be a girl from a rich family as well and not a merely maid. You can see this one as some kind of “Cinderella” story, just that she doesn’t get the prince and instead is being impregnated by her master.

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