Hama 2 (Inuyasha) [Yamaguchirou]

Kagome In love Hama 2 (Inuyasha) [Yamaguchirou]


-by Yamaguchi Shinji

-21 pages, English translated

-2.69 MB






Inuyasha as usual comes to the future so he could pick up Kagome. However seeing her in such a defenseless way when she is asleep and calling his name out loud makes him pretty horny as well. This is one of those rare Inuyasha Doujinshi so I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “Hama 2 (Inuyasha) [Yamaguchirou]

  1. An Inuyasha English doujinshi! I think people have waited for about 10 years so this would get translated. We definitely need more translaters

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