Mushaburi Learning – Let’s Study Penis [Shimaji]

ahegao addict Mushaburi Learning - Let's Study Penis [Shimaji]


-by Shimaji

-16 pages, English translated

-15.32 MB






Maki Yuuko is known as a serious honor roll student who doesn’t lack in discipline and is always focused 100%. The truth is that this hentai girl like any other girl has sexual desires that need to be satisfied by a man. She definitely makes the first step with inviting Tanabe to her house for some “extra lessons”.

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3 thoughts on “Mushaburi Learning – Let’s Study Penis [Shimaji]

  1. What a beauty. Nearly a wrong thing to fuck her. She should just stand before you while you masturbate. However, she probably wouldn’t have that much from it so go for it bang her hard 🙂

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