The Case of My Dark Elf Wife

The Case of My Dark Elf Wife primehentai


-by Hidiri Rei

-24 pages, English translated

-39.47 MB







Yeah life is hard for the hard working class. Always was, always will be. However this guy has a joker! When he comes home a sexy dark elf wife with big boobs awaits him. She loves to cook for her beloved darling and she is always in a good mood. As if this wouldn’t be enough this beautiful dark elf is a real sex beast! This guy definitely doesn’t have a reason to complain.

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MILF Hentai One Time Gal Zenpen

MILF Hentai One Time Gal Zenpen  primehentai


-by Shinozuka Yuuji

-28 pages, English translated

-18.39 MB







Hot hentai milf got bored and so she was looking through her daughters clothes. There she found a beautiful flashy piece that she wanted to wear herself for at least once. While she wears these super sexy clothes she gets invited to join karaoke by some horny guys. What happens from here on is too hot to be told… Read for yourself! 😛

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Dragon Ball Porn – Bulma to Krilin no Kyoubou de 18-gou ga Ochiru Made

Dragon Ball Porn Bulma Krilin primehentai


-by Rikka Kai

-15 full color pages, English translated

-31.09 MB






Dragon Ball Porn Deluxe! Full color Bulma, Krilin and Android 18 hentai sex. Well since Krilin (Kuririn) didn’t have much time to shine in the original Dragon Ball manga and anime, maybe it’s time for him to shine in this full color hentai porn version. The girls seem to like it 😉

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Bleach Porn – EroCos DREAM 6

Bleach Porn - EroCos DREAM 6 primehentai

-by Lime

-32 pages, English translated

-4.09 MB







Bleach porn with beautiful monster girl “Emilou Apacci“. And to make things more sexy the hentai gallery is full color and even the censorship is negligible. OMG you get so horny just by looking at her in that extremely small bikini. Well guys and girls, have a nice Saturday and a fun weekend.

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Naruto Hentai – I Raped the Busty Kunoichi Hinata

Naruto Hentai - I Raped the Busty Kunoichi Hinata primehentai

-by Hanamachi Shimaiten

-122 full color pages

-103.99 MB





Well headline says Naruto Hentai but it’s actually all about the sexy Hinata. Naruto is not even going to appear in this hentai manga. Just beautiful Hinata who was caught on a mission by some dangerous ninjas.

You remember all those hentai involving female “fighters” of any kind who are being trained to withstand sexual abuse if under some circumstances they are being taken captive. Well maybe sexy Hinata should have absolved that kind of training as well…

Enjoy this great full color Naruto Hentai.

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One Piece Hentai Full Color – One Pii na Yoru VIP

One Piece Hentai - One Pii na Yoru VIP primehentai

-by Free Style

-47 full color pictures

-15.50 MB




Today I thought it was a good idea to share a One Piece Hentai artist cg instead of a hentai manga. Sure you have to read a little more but well stop being lazy 😛

Also the good thing with artist cg is that all pictures are HQ and in full color. Well unfortunately it’s not completely uncensored, but I think they did not overdo it with the censorship in the one piece hentai CG.

About the plot: Our main heroines are probably the biggest sluts in One Piece universe. Of course I’m talking about Nami and Robin from the Straw Hat Pirates crew. If you are a OP fan then you should know that Nami and Robin are “power women” and thus we will see some nice footjob and femdom hentai scenes. Well I don’t want to go too deep into the plot so that you can enjoy discovering it yourself 😉

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