Mother Sister Fucking Lineage Chapter 1-2

Mother Sister Fucking Lineage Chapter 1-2  primehentai


-by Kai Hiroyuki

-25 pages, English translated

-12.31 MB






“Aoi-nee is really very pretty and usually she is a typical university student, but… her hobby is cosplay, so she makes her own costumes and attends events wearing them. But it exposes a little too much so… I can’t wear this at an event. My panties are totally on display. What did you make it for? To have sex with you in, of course!”

Hope that more will be translated soon. Until then have fun with this little hentai masterpiece.

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Dyed Esoteric

Dyed Esoteric primehentai


-by Meme50

-29 pages, English translated

-25.45 MB






Hmm, as far as I do remember Meme50 isn’t really the mind break mangaka type, but well his drawing skills are still untouchable no matter what the niche may be.

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Sakura’s Sneezes

Sakura's Sneezes primehentai


-by Ponsuke

-16 pages, English translated

-14.76 MB






When I see this hentai story it highly reminds me of Launch from Dragon Ball. This girl (Sakura) as well transforms into a “bad girl” once she sneezes.

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Sensei’s Secret Lesson Chapter 1-2

Sensei's Secret Lesson Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Fei

-40 pages, English translated

-27.95 MB






“The woman who changed everything was Akame Renka, a beautiful woman with bright red eyes and blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders… Who also happened to be my teacher”

Such a nice teacher, wish I had one of these ^^

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RAA – Special comfort battleship Haruna (Kantai Collection)

RAA - Special comfort battleship Haruna (Kantai Collection) primehentai


-by Mizuryu Kei

-25 pages, English translated

-39.14 MB






Alright, alright, alright, my finger is still fucked up, but the doctor gave me some nice pills lol so today I will post some updates.

Back to the story: the beginning is highly arousing the middle part is nice hard hentai sluts sex and the end is only for those who like to see when one bitch beats the shit out of the other bitch.

No for real it’s a little over the usual hentai brutality at the end so be prepared, or just skip this one…

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One Piece – Sweet Poison

One Piece - Sweet Poison primehentai


-by Ichitaka

-28 pages, English translated

-17.30 MB






I was waiting for a long time that this one piece hentai gets translated. A few words about the story; Boa Hancock is again confronted with her past and it looks very much like she is going to be just a mere sex slave, like she used to be in her old days.

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