Loving a Robot Onahole – Returns

Loving a Robot Onahole - Returns primehentai


-by Fue

-28 pages, English translated

-20.24 MB






It’s really hard to categorize this hentai manga! Is it a hentai or a comedy manga 🙂

The 4th generation onahole (pretty much a full-fleshed woman) is jealous, because while she was away shopping for dinner, her master had fun with an onahole of the 2nd generation (it’s like a fleshlight). However, now that she is back it is time to prove who the number one toy for her master is!

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Mother Sister Fucking Lineage Chapter 1-2

Mother Sister Fucking Lineage Chapter 1-2  primehentai


-by Kai Hiroyuki

-25 pages, English translated

-12.31 MB






“Aoi-nee is really very pretty and usually she is a typical university student, but… her hobby is cosplay, so she makes her own costumes and attends events wearing them. But it exposes a little too much so… I can’t wear this at an event. My panties are totally on display. What did you make it for? To have sex with you in, of course!”

Hope that more will be translated soon. Until then have fun with this little hentai masterpiece.

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