The Cuter He Is, The More I Want To Tease Him

The Cuter He Is, The More I Want To Tease Him primehentai


-by Fukuyama Naoto

-20 pages, English translated

-26 MB






Hard to say if this sister is just possessive, in love with her brother, or maybe even just a fucked up yandere lol. Just an example…

By the way are there any girls at karaoke? Yeah… Don’t go! You are cute, so you will be raped by them! That’s ridiculous! Your whole body belongs to me!”

This sister sure knows what she wants and judging from how most hentai manga are written she will get it 😉

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Dorm Fucking Diary of Shiramine Sound

Dorm Fucking Diary of Shiramine Sound primehentai


-by Katsurai Yoshiaki

-32 pages, English translated

-33.20 MB






The fucking censorship for sure does suck, but damn this hentai bitch is hot. That is why it was still worth for me to upload this masterpiece.

Side Note: Did anyone notice how much these hentai characters sweat while having sex? 🙂

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A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared! 9 (Touhou Project)

A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared! 9 (Touhou Project)


-by Tomomimi Shimon

-20 pages, English translated

-55.59 MB






The boarder world is between dream and reality. In that world your soul is disconnected from your pysical form, but your soul stays constant, like in reality.

To put it different, you can fuck like you would in your wildest dreams just that it isn’t a dream 😛

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Ecstasy at 3 Seconds

Ecstasy at 3 Seconds primehentai


-by Sanagi Torajirou

-209 pages, English translated

-366.40 MB






Today I have again a special big package for you! Many of these stories have been translated before, but now finally all stories are fully translated and the result is nothing to sneeze at.

The main plot is about beautiful busty girls becoming sex addicts for guys with big dicks. Sounds familiar, right? 😀

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Kanojo no Initiative

Kanojo no Initiative primehentai


-by Minakami Sakura

-22 pages, English translated

-12.25 MB






“Um… Takashima san. Lately, you have become a little… Do you hate lewd girls? Of- of course not! I’ve become so lewd… because I have fallen in love with you even more, Koizumi kun.”

A little change from all these NTR – time for romantic happy sex! A young couple is exploring their sex fantasies.

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Nyuuton [Nagaraya]

Nyuuton [Nagaraya] primehentai


-by Nagaraya

-86 full color pages, English translated

-112.45 MB






“If you’re gonna cum, then cum inside.”

You got to love this hentai. 86 full color pages of diverse chicks getting fucked hard and to top it all NO CENSORSHIP! Main point of the story? Bouncing tits everywhere…

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