Kuro’s Aphrodisiac Middle Part

Kuro's Aphrodisiac Middle Part primehentai


-by Chiyou Yoyuchi

-28 pages, English translated

-12.53 MB






One week ago in order to get revenge against Shirai, Kuroda used an aphrodisiac on his girlfriend to seduce her. He was planning to destroy their relationship, but his plan failed or at least he thought so at first. However, since that whole thing happened Aoyama has regularly called him so those two could see each other. It doesn’t seem that her previous relationship has a bright future. But wait! One more girl is rushing in for some fun time ^^.

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Science Club’s Good Work [Sakazaki Freddie]

Free Hentai Manga, English Adult Porn Science Club's Good Work


-by Sakazaki Freddie

-16 pages, English translated

-21.39 MB







” The Chiefs orders are absolute ”
You will hear that sentence a few times while reading this Hentai and the more often you read it the more you realize what kind of freak the Chief actually is ^^. My closing argument would be something like this; a lot of aphrodisiacs will make you feel excessively horny.

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Girls Fight ARISA edition (Onna Kakutouka no Pride) [Crimson Comics]

Free Hentai Manga, English Adult Porn Girls Fight ARISA edition


-by Crimson Comics

-81 pages, English translated

-12.15 MB







Izuma Arisa is 20 years old and she is the undefeated ace of mixed martial artist! Even so, for everyone who climbs high enough to be considered a star in his sport there comes a time when he falls down. Arisa falls so hard that her tits and her pussy will start to tremble, or maybe it’s just the aphrodisiac.

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Bad Girls (Taimanin Asagi) [EROQUIS]

Free Hentai Manga, Adult Porn Akujo Bon


-by Eroquis

-52 pages, English translated

-24.20 MB







This Doujinshi is an unofficial spin-off about Oboro who used to be the enemy of the main protagonist from the adult game series “Taimanin Asagi”. Those who saw the Hentai Anime know what they can expect – Nice Hard Fucking and first class sex artwork.

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Dark Princess [Sanada Kuro]

Free Hentai Manga, Adult Porn Dark Princess


-by Crooked Navel

-18 pages, English translated

-36.95 MB







Foton the female guardian knight who is supposed to protect Mildea causes a lot of trouble with her pure and naive nature. It’s because of Foton that the evil god was unsealed and has been taking control over them.

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