Hirusagari no Navy Blue

Hirusagari no Navy Blue  primehentai gallery porn


-by Piririnegi

-22 pages, English translated

-14.41 MB







Every husband has his little fetish. This one tries to convince his super cute wife to put on her bloomers from old days. She is very skeptical at the beginning, but after he begs her so much the sexy hentai wife gives in. She has no idea how happy she will make him with this little favor.

Well, and us as well 🙂

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The best memories

The best memories primehentai

Best hentai sentence ever! Just so you get the plot these two know each other for 6 years and now they are going to the same class…

“Ah right. There was something I couldn’t show you back then, remember? If you are still wondering what it’s like down here for girls, since we don’t have dicks, I can show you.”

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