EXTRAVAGANZA (Super Sonico) primehentai


-by Konmori

-29 pages, English translated

-6.90 MB






Why not shoot a porn movie or how it’s called in Japan JAV (adult video). Wouldn’t that be a great scenario for a hentai manga? I guess that was what  Konmori has thought when he draw this doujinshi. Splendid idea if you ask me :)

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Angel’s stroke 74 – Intensely carnal flesh × meat meat! (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

Angel's stroke 74 - Intensely carnal flesh × meat meat! (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) primehentai


-by Poin

-19 pages, English translated

-4.49 MB






Kodaka:” T-this is the pussy that I’ve been dreaming of! I-it’s too unbearable! It seems like I’m gonna cum right away!”

Sena:” You don’t have to say everything you idiot!”

Kodaka:” Sorry, but I’m… I’m…!”

Sena:” Eh!? Wait a…! You are cumming inside me!?”

I would call this a classic hentai dialogue. A little bit of comedy and a little bit of nakadashi and there you have a nice hentai manga which is pleasurable to read.

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Special Sex Training with Sonico (Super Sonico)

Special Sex Training with Sonico (Super Sonico) primehentai


-by Ishigami Kazui

-12 pages, English translated

-20.01 MB






Well the camera man wasn’t lying when he said that a famous artist has to be able to smile no matter the situation. Still, I’m not that sure if he is using this only so that Sonico would sleep with him, hmm…

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Onaho ♥ Keeper

Onaho ♥ Keeper primehentai


-by Karasu

-20 pages, English translated

-37.75 MB







The recent posts were pretty much only about vanilla sex, so today’s share is more NTR based. We need to keep some kind of balance here lol.

Artwork —> Great

Plot—> Standard

Ahegao Face —> Hilarious

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