Dyed Esoteric

Dyed Esoteric primehentai


-by Meme50

-29 pages, English translated

-25.45 MB






Hmm, as far as I do remember Meme50 isn’t really the mind break mangaka type, but well his drawing skills are still untouchable no matter what the niche may be.

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Adoration primehentai


-by Kishizuka Kenji

-24 pages, English translated

-35.80 MB







“Uhh, dad? Do you have someone over? Wait… could it be that you are with a lady friend right now?! No, look I… Hmm, I see, I see, did I get in the way of things? Nice going though, dad! And don’t worry I won’t tell mom.”

If you didn’t notice he is talking to his daughter on the phone while another woman pleasures him…

This guy is in pretty good shape for his age!

BTW what a nice daughter :)

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