One Piece – Citrus Style Girlfriend

One Piece - Citrus Style Girlfriend primehentai


-by YU-RI

-25 pages, English translated

-13.84 MB






Robin: “Yes… I had quite the sex filled two years. Well, not just those two years…”
Nami: “Eeh? That’s our Robin…”
Franky: “Uwaaa! I wish I could have done it more!!”
Zoro: “Hey!! You three! Enough gossip already!”

Franky is awesome as ever, haha love him! While he worked on making his body into a strong weapon he also did some work “down there” too! He even added silicon balls and a vibration funtion! Sadly there is no Franky action in this hentai manga. Yet, Zoro gets to bang our lovely Nami again. 😀

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Kasui (Sailor Moon)

Kasui (Sailor Moon) primehentai


-by Red-Rum

-35 pages, English trasnlated

-31.10 MB






We didn’t have any Sailor Moon hentai for a while and since I heard that there will be a new remake (Sailor Moon Crystal) coming out on July 2014 I had to post some updates. The producer said that it’s not a remake of the actual anime, but rather taking the path of the original manga.
Hmm, worth a try I guess…

Back to the story of this hentai. Two stories including Rei and Ami (sailor mercury, sailor mars). One of them gets more action than the other one!

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Watashi no Teitoku (Kantai Collection)

Watashi no Teitoku (Kantai Collection) primehentai


-by Kaneta

-24 pages, English translated

-23 MB






“I don’t really like it but… as he trusts it in me, the pleasure flows through my pussy. Admiral why, Why did you stop? Has it ended already? But my pussy wants more of it… no… I don’t want this to end yet!”

Don’t worry honey, it just has begun so you will get enough dick without question.

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Koushoku Houran (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

 Koushoku Houran (Toaru Majutsu no Index)  primehentai


-by Soba

-21 pages, English translated

-23.82 MB






Kamijou Touma from Toaru Majutsu no Index manga has put himself into a weird situation. He has another fight with Misaka and guess who wants to use that for herself? Yes, Misaki Shokuhou who isn’t in the best relationship with Misaka. You could really see how much she enjoyed taking Misaka’s man away from her, even though if you read the manga or if you watched the anime you should know that “the Railgun” wrath will be dreadful haha.

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Sukisuki Carly Sukisuki Aki-san W ~Cyclone to Metal (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Sukisuki Carly Sukisuki Aki-san W ~Cyclone to Metal (Yu-Gi-Oh) primehentai


-by Souichi

-25 pages, English translated

-39.33 MB






“Hmm? Oh it’s just you Carly? What are you doing here so late at night? And why are you half naked? You will catch a cold. You idiot! Don’t fall asleep! You are the one at fault for breaking your promise Jack. You have already forgotten!? Yesterday you said you would come by my room at night!”

Don’t ever make a promise to a young beauty that you can’t keep. The consequences could be that she will cry. It doesn’t matter that it were only fake tears 😛 , the point is not to leave her alone.

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Futari Iro (Kantai Collection)

Futari Iro (Kantai Collection) primehentai


-by Aburidashi Zakuro

-13 pages, English translated

-11.35 MB






While talking about the battle results and about what the damage looks like Kaga from Kantai Collection gives the admiral a blowjob and reports while sucking on that big dick. You can clearly see that Kaga is enjoying this combination of oral sex and tit fuck to the fullest. However, the real fun begun once the admiral started playing with her big juicy ass.

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Hashihime Mizugi (Touhou Project)

Hashihime Mizugi (Touhou Project) primehentai


-by Ootsuki Wataru

-25 pages, English translated

-41.51 MB






It’s time, It’s time —> for double headed dildo action! Let’s be honest folks, even in real porn there is not that much quality material related to double headed dildo lesbian sex. We need more hentai like this, but that may be just an unfulfilled wish from me.

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