Tsuyo Kosu Advanced (Gantz)

Tsuyo Kosu Advanced primehentai


-by Pierre Yoshio

-16 pages, English translated

-13.73 MB






“Starting today, you are going to be my boyfriend… You are going to take responsibility for doing something like that to another person.”

When you hear this from the girl that you just banged several times, then you either did really good, or you screwed up – all depending what your actual goal with this girl was ^^

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After School Temptation

After School Temptation primehentai


-by Shijou Sadafumi

-20 pages, English translated

-14.24 MB






Lets assume your class rep is a cold beauty who is very strict when it comes to rules and the like. And you are being together with her in a situation where she finds out how a couple has sex in the music preparation room. You would expect that she will flip out and make a big ruckus about it. Yet, what if she reacts totally different? What if she gets really horny because of it and the most important question, is she in love or does she just want a dick?

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Erogun Chapter 1-3 [Akiyama Kenta]

Erogun Chapter 1-3 primehentai


-by Akiyama Kenta

-76 pages, English translated

-51.36 MB






Sarashina Naoto is the commander in chief of the Roshuu Army from the Great Feline Deity Empire. His nickname is Demon King and everyone is scared of him, even though he himself can’t explain why. Here is the situation he is in right now. Naoto did just invaded the neighboring country Veldia. Not for resources or the likes you would guess, but rather to add a beautiful hentai princess to his already big harem.

I actually didn’t believe that this one would be translated, so I’m a little surprised as well. Thanks goes to “Kusanyagi’s Translation Corner”. I hope you will do the other chapters as well.

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Sex shitai (Original) [Ketsukaseya]

Sex shitai (Original) prime hentai


-by Ryuu Mokunen

-23 pages, English translated

-26.69 MB






This hot hentai MILF wants to have sex no matter what. Even the fact that she just went shopping and is now on her way home doesn’t stop her wanton thoughts. That is what I call living your sexual dreams and lets be honest, how many of us can say the same.

On the other hand she may be simply a sex addict who needs professional help.

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A School Where Love is Unnecessary Chapter 2 [Yasui Riosuke]

Unnecessary love


-by Yasui Riosuke

-20 pages, English translated

-10.98 MB






Like I did promise today I will present you the second part of this interesting hentai manga series. Exhibitionism, public sex and beautiful manga woman is what you can expect from this chapter. Still this is yet not the end of the story. I smell some netorare in the future.

A School Where Love is Unnecessary Chapter 1

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A School Where Love is Unnecessary Chapter 1 [Yasui Riosuke]

big hentai boobs are for everyone


-by Yasui Riosuke

-21 pages, English translated

-13.08 MB






These two hentai lovers definitely like trying out new environments when it comes to their sex life. They are pretty much obsessed with it and the further you read this story it becomes harder to say who of them is actually the bigger pervert.

All in all it’s a very interesting story. The drawing style and the quality is exquisite and the best thing is that this is only part one therefore we can expect more from this artist.

A School Where Love is Unnecessary Chapter 2

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