Ranko-Ish! 2 (THE IDOLMASTER) primehentai


-by NaPaTa

-16 pages, English translated

-15.76 MB






Ranko Kanzaki is now a Cinderella girl and it’s questionable if she would manage to achieve that without the great help of her producer. Well, at least Ranko thinks that way and her feelings for Mr. Producer goes far beyond that. You can clearly feel it how much this girl is in love with this man.

Isn’t this a great setup for an awesome hentai.

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Loving an Older Woman Chapter 1-2

Loving an Older Woman Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Asagi Ryu

-41 pages, English translated

-25.21 MB






Working for an attractive middle aged lady is definitely something to be enjoyed. I mean lets be honest, there probably isn’t any guy out there who didn’t imagine to have a relationship with a hot older woman. It’s not only their beauty and experience, but it’s the will to work hard for their man and satisfy him in every possible way.

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Sex shitai (Original) [Ketsukaseya]

Sex shitai (Original) prime hentai


-by Ryuu Mokunen

-23 pages, English translated

-26.69 MB






This hot hentai MILF wants to have sex no matter what. Even the fact that she just went shopping and is now on her way home doesn’t stop her wanton thoughts. That is what I call living your sexual dreams and lets be honest, how many of us can say the same.

On the other hand she may be simply a sex addict who needs professional help.

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Night Work (Servant x Service) [ARCHF]

drunk hentai girl fucked hardcore


-by Riki

-17 pages, English translated

-16.92 MB






Lucy Yamagami got so drunk on that evening so that it was no real wonder that Haseba could have his way with her. First he offers her a shower so he could “inspect” her tits. After that he takes of her pants and being responsible Haseba even uses a condom. However after some time he is more into bareback sex.

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