Please Yokoyama Teacher!

Please Yokoyama Teacher! primehentai


-by Napata

-16 pages, English translated

-10.05 MB






I picked out this hentai not only for it’s well drawing and beautiful characters, but also for this specific sentence that very often is used in RL as well. If a girl has done it dozen times with you, but for some reason thinks it was a mistake she will use this sentence: “This will be the last time right?” and no in most cases it isn’t the last time 😉

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Let us do love again Atago mom

Let us do love again Atago mom primehentai


-by Kisaragi Mizu

-27 pages, English translated

-9.59 MB






Atago finally got married to her beloved Admiral and after a while they had their first child Ai. You can clearly see that they indeed are a happy family. No beef no NTR or any other stuff, just a really happy young married couple having fun.

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A Borrowed Thing

A Borrowed Thing primehentai


-by Minato Fumi

-18 pages, English translated

-13.84 MB






Shy guy falls in love with his beautiful (+ busty) senpai. Like many others he fantasises how it would be to bang her, but would that really happen in his reality?

Characters looking nice and the decensoring is done very well.

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Kanojo no Initiative

Kanojo no Initiative primehentai


-by Minakami Sakura

-22 pages, English translated

-12.25 MB






“Um… Takashima san. Lately, you have become a little… Do you hate lewd girls? Of- of course not! I’ve become so lewd… because I have fallen in love with you even more, Koizumi kun.”

A little change from all these NTR – time for romantic happy sex! A young couple is exploring their sex fantasies.

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Classmates! (Original)

Classmates! (Original) primehentai


-by Shinobu Tanei

-24 pages, English translated

-26.91 MB






Coming earlier to class just to see the girl you desire isn’t anything special. However Nishino and Nomura arent’t doing stuff that students should be doing. Rather they play with their bodies with sex toys and after that real sex isn’t far away from that stage.

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Magokoro Hold

Magokoro Hold primehentai


-by Kuro no Miki

-20 pages, English translated

-16.78 MB






Forgive me senpai. I might have been planning something after all. What the hell are you doing?! I’m a bad girl…”

Never underestimate a girl who is deeply in love.

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Sukisuki Carly Sukisuki Aki-san W ~Cyclone to Metal (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Sukisuki Carly Sukisuki Aki-san W ~Cyclone to Metal (Yu-Gi-Oh) primehentai


-by Souichi

-25 pages, English translated

-39.33 MB






“Hmm? Oh it’s just you Carly? What are you doing here so late at night? And why are you half naked? You will catch a cold. You idiot! Don’t fall asleep! You are the one at fault for breaking your promise Jack. You have already forgotten!? Yesterday you said you would come by my room at night!”

Don’t ever make a promise to a young beauty that you can’t keep. The consequences could be that she will cry. It doesn’t matter that it were only fake tears 😛 , the point is not to leave her alone.

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Katta Maji Koi Kan (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai)

Katta Maji Koi Kan (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai) primehentai


-by Mukoujima Tenro

-23 pages, English translated

-14.50 MB






Starting as a love story, then turning into softcore bondage and then into good sex. The ending is romance genre again. So like you can see there is a lot of variance in this hentai manga. Not to mention the shift of story dynamics (I think I’m going too much into details here). Just enjoy the fucking porn LOL.

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