Sukisuki Carly Sukisuki Aki-san W ~Cyclone to Metal (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Sukisuki Carly Sukisuki Aki-san W ~Cyclone to Metal (Yu-Gi-Oh) primehentai


-by Souichi

-25 pages, English translated

-39.33 MB






“Hmm? Oh it’s just you Carly? What are you doing here so late at night? And why are you half naked? You will catch a cold. You idiot! Don’t fall asleep! You are the one at fault for breaking your promise Jack. You have already forgotten!? Yesterday you said you would come by my room at night!”

Don’t ever make a promise to a young beauty that you can’t keep. The consequences could be that she will cry. It doesn’t matter that it were only fake tears 😛 , the point is not to leave her alone.

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Katta Maji Koi Kan (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai)

Katta Maji Koi Kan (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai) primehentai


-by Mukoujima Tenro

-23 pages, English translated

-14.50 MB






Starting as a love story, then turning into softcore bondage and then into good sex. The ending is romance genre again. So like you can see there is a lot of variance in this hentai manga. Not to mention the shift of story dynamics (I think I’m going too much into details here). Just enjoy the fucking porn LOL.

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Azalea [Ootsuka Kotora]

Azalea primehentai


-by Ootsuka Kotora

-20 pages, English translated

-20.73 MB






Recently girls have been reading erotic books. Oh, but what’s in for them? Unlike guys, it’s not like it turns you on or anything, right? I’d figure you don’t need such material or the likeWell I do! With your manga, I get immensely aroused! I masturbate to your manga!

Now it’s pretty much clear why Sakura Mochizuki wanted to become his assistant so much.

Side Note: I did color the quote so it’s clear who says what (nothing too hard for me to satisfy my readers) 🙂

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The Beginning of Spring

The Beginning of Spring primehentai


-by Akino Sora

-20 pages, English translated

-23.72 MB





In march Kacchan has finally come back to his hometown after being away for a few years. He broke up with his girlfriend and now he is a free man. That comes in pretty handy for the now grown up Yuuri who had a crush on him since a long while. The difference is that she has nowadays much stronger attributes to make this guy her new lover.

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Ikuemonoai (Touhou Project)

Ikuemonoai (Touhou Project) primehentai


-by Saemon

-24 pages, English translated

-40.89 MB






Dragging a drunk chick home can be a pain in the ass. What are you supposed to do with her. How about taking off her bra and start sucking her tits? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Your problem might begin once the girl wakes up, but in this case Iku Nagae doesn’t seem pissed at all. Was to be expected since she had feelings for this guy long before.

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Wife for 2 Years [Majirou]

Wife for 2 Years primehentai


-by Majirou

-18 pages, English translated

-20.93 MB






I have not seen such a cute married couple for a long time. They seem like they have fallen in love just a few days before and I can guarantee you that each of them will do whatever is needed to satisfy his beloved partner. Be it a deep throat or putting of that condom and create new life.

Wow I feel so poetic today lol.

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Ranko-Ish! 2 (THE IDOLMASTER) primehentai


-by NaPaTa

-16 pages, English translated

-15.76 MB






Ranko Kanzaki is now a Cinderella girl and it’s questionable if she would manage to achieve that without the great help of her producer. Well, at least Ranko thinks that way and her feelings for Mr. Producer goes far beyond that. You can clearly feel it how much this girl is in love with this man.

Isn’t this a great setup for an awesome hentai.

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Loving an Older Woman Chapter 1-2

Loving an Older Woman Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Asagi Ryu

-41 pages, English translated

-25.21 MB






Working for an attractive middle aged lady is definitely something to be enjoyed. I mean lets be honest, there probably isn’t any guy out there who didn’t imagine to have a relationship with a hot older woman. It’s not only their beauty and experience, but it’s the will to work hard for their man and satisfy him in every possible way.

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Harenchi Vacation (To LOVE-Ru)

Harenchi Vacation (To LOVE-Ru)  primehentai


-by Sugaishi

-29 pages, English translated

-27.30 MB






Another story from the Japanese manga series To Love Ru. The main actors in this hentai scene are Yui Kotegawa and Rito Yuuki. You can clearly feel the passion between these two lovers. At first they used a condom, but after a while they wanted to try raw sex as well. Isn’t that something new in hentai manga ^^

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