Yuusha to akachan tsukuritai (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha)

Yuusha to akachan tsukuritai (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha) primehentai


-by Nanaroba Hana

-13 full color pages, English translated

-16.16 MB






“Today I’m wearing the same clothes from the first time we met! How’s it? Doesn’t it excite you?”
I don’t know about Hero, but it definitely excites me ^^.

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Happy Family [Ryuu Mokunen]

Happy Family [Ryuu Mokunen] primehentai


-by Ryuu Mokunen

-44 pages, English translated

-58.11 MB






Omoto Yuuji is a real bad boy. No, he is not a criminal or anything alike, but he has a thing for mature woman even though he is going to marry a beautiful young bride very soon. The more important thing here is that the woman he has an affair with is his future mother in law.

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National Wives Academy Chapter 1

National Wives Academy Chapter 1  primehentai


-by Maimu Maimu

-34 pages, English translated

-22.80 MB






This fella right here has the best job in the world! He is working in the national wives academy and his main task is to ejaculate inside sexually frustrated (Uber hot) wives as part of their sexually cultivation.

Now you will say a male pornstar is doing the same, wrong! As a pornstar you don’t have any privacy with the girls. The cameras are always pointed at you. You ain’t allowed to come too early and you need to do everything this stoned out of his head director tells you. So again this here is really the best job ever ;)

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Yousei-san ni Onegai [Hanamaki Kaeru]

Yousei-san ni Onegai [Hanamaki Kaeru] primehentai


-by Hanamaki Kaeru

-16 pages, English translated

-14.02 MB






Out of nowhere Nayuta comes into the room and tells his older brother that he just became a girl for no reason?! What Nayuta didn’t know was that his older brother made a wish on the Jizz Fairy who did told him that whatever he wished for would come true. Still thinking he was dreaming he half jokingly wished for his smart ass little brother to turn into a little sister! Even that little Jizz Fairy was a little surprised…

I seriously doubt that any of these two expected this hentai story to end the way it did.

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Let’s Make Children! (Infinite Stratos)

Let's Make Children! (Infinite Stratos) primehentai


-by Ishigami Kazui

-13 pages, English translated

-8.08 MB






Yes that is right! Today we share another Cecilia Alcott hentai from the Infinite Stratos doujinshi. This time she want’s a baby. Guess who should be the father? Yes, it’s Ichika Orimura her big love. Lets lay back and enjoy this creampie show.

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