375 (Minako)

375 (Minako) primehentai


-by Yuuki Seto

-24 pages, English translated

-23.62 MB






Minako needs a place where she can stay until she finds herself a fitting apartment, so she asks her rich aunt if she can life in the residence of her cousin for a while. Minako thinks she can handle her cousin easily and she also thinks that he didn’t change much since they were little. They even used to take baths together when they were younger.

What this pretty girl didn’t consider (and why would she) is that her cousin has grown into a sadistic psychopath.

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Okazu wa Kyou mo, Tsuma no Botebara Noukou Sex

Okazu wa Kyou mo, Tsuma no Botebara Noukou Sex primehentai


-by Freehand Tamashii

-38 full color pages, English translated

-18.39 MB






It’s pretty hard to tell who is the real freak in this hentai. The mega horny nephew, the slutty aunt or the perverted peeper uncle. I guess that is an individual choice that everybody has to make for himself. I for myself am not that much into pregnant sex, but with this high quality artwork and the fact that the whole manga is full color even us non fetishist can enjoy this piece of art to the fullest.

I already share some work of the mangaka Freehand and I’m sure you don’t want to miss this one as well.


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Extra Milk (Dragon Ball Z)

chi chi bulma xxx dragon ball comic  primehentai


-by Kaputo99

-36 full color pages, English translated

-18.12 MB






It has been a long time since I posted a dragon ball hentai manga, but lately there aren’t many new doujinshi related to this topic and there are even less translated into English. The story has several parts, starting with Chi Chi wearing a bikini in front of Son Goten who gets aroused more than he should. Next we see Chi Chi and Bulma in a nightclub followed by a hot yuri scene between these two. Last but not least Son Gohan joins those two MILFs and they enjoy a nice threesome together.

I heard that Kaputo99 might continue “Extra Milk”, but for now I hope you are pleased with this masterpiece.

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Haha Daraku [Izayoi no Kiki]

Haha Daraku [Izayoi no Kiki]  primehentai


-by Izayoi no Kiki

-21 full color pages, English translated

-2.77 MB






It is known that the mangaka Izayoi no Kiki has specialized himself in drawing mother son related hentai and that really pays off if we see these kind of results. He also has some works with female teacher and student, but still most of them are incest orientated.

Lets hope he continues his marvelous drawing and gives us many new MILF hentai manga.

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Pretty Trap [Musashimaru]

Pretty Trap [Musashimaru] primehentai


-by Musashimaru

-18 pages, English translated

-28.49 MB






Taku is washing his clothes in the laundry and all of a sudden an extremely sexy lady comes in with sunglasses and some pretty hot clothes. Next this woman starts to strip right in front of Taku! It transpired that this hot hentai lady actually was his aunt, the younger sister of his mother. Oh man, this should be fun.

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