Cecilia Style (IS Infinite Stratos)

Cecilia Style (IS <Infinite Stratos>) primehentai

-by Izumi Mahiru

-31 full color pages, English translated








Cecilia is up to something. A “friend” of her gave Cecilia a special love potion and told her to make Ichika drink it. At the end she was so nervous that she ended up drinking it herself. That’s where the real fun begins.

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ISHR (Infinite Stratos)

ISHR (Infinite Stratos) primehentai


-by Fukuyama Naoto

-32 pages, English translated

-25.97 MB






“Why are you all here too?! That’s what I wanted to ask as well… Ichika asked me to come. I was given these clothes to come here also! So does that mean we are all doing it together today?”

Bull’s eye! That’s exactly what Ichika is planning to do with the girls. The girls include:
Cecilia Alcott
Charlotte Dunois
Houki Shinonono
Laura Bodewig
Ling Yin Huang

That is going to be a lot of work 😉

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Char no Ero Hon (Infinite Stratos)

Char no Ero Hon (Infinite Stratos) primehentai


-by Menyoujan

-15 full color pages, English translated

-17.60 MB






Another full color Infinite Stratos masterpiece, this time from mangaka artist Menyoujan. Of course our two main stars are again Charlotte Dunois and Ichika Orimura. Plot starts pretty “hentai like”. Ichika comes into Charlotte’s room while she is undressing herself and that means trouble.

However, the punishment is very individual and I’m not even sure if it can be called punishment at all.

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Let’s Make Children! (Infinite Stratos)

Let's Make Children! (Infinite Stratos) primehentai


-by Ishigami Kazui

-13 pages, English translated

-8.08 MB






Yes that is right! Today we share another Cecilia Alcott hentai from the Infinite Stratos doujinshi. This time she want’s a baby. Guess who should be the father? Yes, it’s Ichika Orimura her big love. Lets lay back and enjoy this creampie show.

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H’I,S (Infinite Stratos) [IRODORI]

group sex doujinshi H'I,S (Infinite Stratos) [IRODORI]



-22 pages, English translated

-11.44 MB






“Ichika san, spend the night with me! Have, have sexual activities with me!”

Hearing those sentences from Houki and Cecilia can’t be that bad at all. Still, Ichika seems yet undecided what to do so the girls have to put in more effort. Otherwise they won’t see any dick soon.

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