Haha Daraku [Izayoi no Kiki]

Haha Daraku [Izayoi no Kiki]  primehentai


-by Izayoi no Kiki

-21 full color pages, English translated

-2.77 MB






It is known that the mangaka Izayoi no Kiki has specialized himself in drawing mother son related hentai and that really pays off if we see these kind of results. He also has some works with female teacher and student, but still most of them are incest orientated.

Lets hope he continues his marvelous drawing and gives us many new MILF hentai manga.

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Wife for 2 Years [Majirou]

Wife for 2 Years primehentai


-by Majirou

-18 pages, English translated

-20.93 MB






I have not seen such a cute married couple for a long time. They seem like they have fallen in love just a few days before and I can guarantee you that each of them will do whatever is needed to satisfy his beloved partner. Be it a deep throat or putting of that condom and create new life.

Wow I feel so poetic today lol.

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Alice’s Temptation (Touhou Project)

Alice's Temptation (Touhou Project) primehentai


-by Ginichi

-23 pages, English translated

-11.22 MB






Some people just have bad luck, but maybe it’s not that bad at all. This guy was lured into the forbidden forest by a sweet fragrance. Right after he entered the forest he fainted. It was no other than Alice Margatroid’s doing to get somebody for her “experiments”. Nothing weird or abnormal, she just wants some semen 🙂

He is even allowed to use Alice to stir up his lust too. Decide for yourself if this is good or bad luck.

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National Wives Academy Chapter 1

National Wives Academy Chapter 1 primehentai


-by Maimu Maimu

-34 pages, English translated

-22.80 MB






This fella right here has the best job in the world! He is working in the national wives academy and his main task is to ejaculate inside sexually frustrated (Uber hot) wives as part of their sexually cultivation.

Now you will say a male pornstar is doing the same, wrong! As a hentai manga pornstar you don’t have any privacy with the girls. The cameras are always pointed at you. You ain’t allowed to come too early and you need to do everything this stoned out of his head director tells you. So again this here is really the best job ever 😉

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Shinzui [AMP]

Shinzui [AMP] primehentai


-by Norakuro Nero

-20 pages, English translated

-19.10 MB






This hits pretty much the standard netorare story. Beautiful MILF feels lonely because her husband is always at work and who is living with them in the same house and has absolutely nothing to do? Yes, her father in law. Actually you should pretty much know how this is going to evolve, but I will add some details.

After her father in law already made his first move and she refused him she keeps masturbating in her bed, while thinking about him. It was just a question of time before she would become his personal sex slave.

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Soukan Kyouen [Freehand Tamashii]

Soukan Kyouen [Freehand Tamashii] primehentai


-by Freehand Tamashii

-53 full color pages, English translated

-35.48 MB







Freehand is in the house! If you don’t know who this is I shall explain to you. He is a hentai mangaka who mainly draws naughty moms and milfs. His style is pretty unique and impressive.

Now back to this specific story. Shigeo is the main pervert here. He is an otaku (People with obsession for something. Can be sex, games, etc…) student who failed his entrance exam. He had sex with his mom, his aunt and so on. You should get the story by now, at least that’s what you probably think. However, you have no idea how crazy his whole family is!

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