Chibiusa ~Enjo Kousai Hen~ (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Chibiusa ~Enjo Kousai Hen~ (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)  primehentai


-by Jyura

-33 pages, English translated

-62.18 MB






Chibiusa who is an adult by now has some serious money problems. Well I guess she has that from her mother Sailor Moon who didn’t know how to handle her money as well lol. However, Chibiusa knows how to get some extra cash with her sexy body.

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MADE IN HEAVEN -JUPITER- Complete Edition (Sailor Moon)

MADE IN HEAVEN -JUPITER- Complete Edition (Sailor Moon) primehentai


-by Kuroinu Juu (BLACK DOG)

-47 pages, English translated

-86.40 MB






Another Black Dog masterpiece, he has been and he still is the best sailor moon porn mangaka. This time it’s Makoto’s time to shine as the main character in this hentai manga.

Side Note: By now I think that dude fucked all 5 Sailor Moon warriors.

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Kasui (Sailor Moon)

Kasui (Sailor Moon) primehentai


-by Red-Rum

-35 pages, English trasnlated

-31.10 MB






We didn’t have any Sailor Moon hentai for a while and since I heard that there will be a new remake (Sailor Moon Crystal) coming out on July 2014 I had to post some updates. The producer said that it’s not a remake of the actual anime, but rather taking the path of the original manga.
Hmm, worth a try I guess…

Back to the story of this hentai. Two stories including Rei and Ami (sailor mercury, sailor mars). One of them gets more action than the other one!

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