Naruto – Jungle de Icchau (Colorized)

Naruto - Jungle de Icchau (Colorized) primehentai


-by Naruhodo

-41 pages, English translated

-29.13 MB






I hope this is no spoiler, but like most of you already know the Naruto series was finished on 12 November. Yet, that doesn’t hinder us to enjoy seeing how the beautiful female characters of that show have sex with the protagonist…

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Naruto – Secret Part Time Job

Naruto - Secret Part-Time Job primehentai


-by Ohigetan

-15 full color pages, English translated

-19.56 MB






I think this is the first doujinshi ever where Sakura is selling her body. Additionally it’s full color. Naruto where are you to save little Sakura? Oh wait Sakura isn’t that little anymore and maybe she doesn’t want help at all…

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Naruto – Tsunade’s Lewd Prison 1-2

Naruto - Tsunade's Lewd Prison primehentai


-by Naruhodo

-78 pages, English translated

-61.79 MB






Yes, today is well know Anime/Manga day. First we had One Piece and now we have a double pack of Naruto.  Main part of this story – Naruto must save the girls, but maybe they can take care of themselves?!

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Naruto – Sato Ichiban no [Pucchu]

Naruto - Sato Ichiban no Prime Hentai


-by Echigawa Ryuuka

-20 pages, English translated

-59.07 MB






Naruto is coming home all tired out from a long ninja mission. At home Sakura is making dinner for him wearing only an apron and nothing beneath it. The situation is somewhat strange, while Sakura is thinking only about the dinner Naruto is all fired up. Once Sakura realizes that she forgot to buy the milk Naruto is not in the mood to let her go out. At the end they decided to make the milk together. Yummy!

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Naruto – Naru Love 6 [Linda Project]

Free Hentai Manga, Adult Porn Naruto - Naru Love 6


-by Linda Project

-18 pages, English translated

-7.83 MB







Hinata and Sakura confront Naruto to make a decision who he is going to pick as his girlfriend. Of course Naruto is all confused and doesn’t know what to do. So he chooses to select them both, but will that work.

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