Fan Kansha Day ya yo (Love Live!)

Fan Kansha Day ya yo (Love Live!) primehentai


-by Shimaji

-22 pages, English translated

-16.87 MB






A secret fan appreciation? Does this exist for real? Well I don’t know for RL but it seems to exist in hentai manga. Hmm, what would you do on such an event with your dear fans – I guess showing them some nice boobs is never wrong.

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The Intruder is Santa Claus

The Intruder is Santa Claus primehentai


-by Tohgarashi Hideyu

-29 pages, English translated

-27.86 MB






Nothing special here. Just the 24th December in a random guys room. Nothing special you say? Well it maybe was before an Uber hot female Santa Claus came in through the window flying on her “rocket”. After that incident nothing is like it used to be.

Side Note: Since there is no real word for “Merry Christmas” in Japanese, they say it just with a  Japanese pronunciation “Merii Kurisumasu”

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-by Higata Akatsuki

-25 pages, English translated

-68.23 MB






Holy shit Alisa indeed loves that “long blade”. Every man would be more than just happy about having Alisa caressing your dick with her mouth, her tits and of course with her extremely hot and sexy pussy!

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GOOD-BYE BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (Super Sonico) primehentai


-by Saikawa Yusa

-20 pages, English translated

-73.92 MB






“Aah, you’re great. Keep it up. Your virgin pussy is so sloppy and you’ve got cow like tits! Please don’t tease my breasts… And yet your pussy is this tight! I’m gonna cum Sonico-chan!”

You can’t ask for more intense sex than this 😉

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ONE-HURRICANE (One Punch Man) primehentai


-by Kiyosumi Hurricane

-39 pages, English translated

-34.73 MB






It’s really a shame that there is no anime yet of this manga series. Well if nothing else we at least get some good hentai material out of it and the manga is still great. Can only recommend to anyone who likes action and comedy.

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SUBSTITUTE 2 (Love Live!)

SUBSTITUTE 2 (Love Live!) primehentai


-by Aotsu Umihito

-21 pages, English translated

-58.34 MB






Oh these molesters just can’t keep their fingers of Eri Ayase and Nozomi Toujou, but to be fair I probably couldn’t as well 😛
Yet, it is not like these chicks don’t love to feel dicks deep down their pussies.

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Naive Little Sister

Naive Little Sister primehentai


-by Fukumaaya

-20 pages, English translated

-25.67 MB






Girls would do everything for an official limited edition hug pillow of their idol. That said Tatesawa Hinako has bad spending habits, so she needs money or she can’t buy the expensive hug pillow. Since she asks for advances on her allowance too much she can’t ask her parents, so her only option is her older brother. Let’s say that their relationship isn’t the best…

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